Some, the ones who are already precarious in some way, more than others. I worry about the retreat from cosmopolitanism and the embrace of insular sectarianism, all over the place. That’s not Brexit as such, but it’s hard to read Brexit as anything much other than as a part of that. Sure people in favour of it offer all sorts of reasons but it’s a challenge to understand these other than as rationalisations.

Please read Now go try to find it on all the img sites if you don’t know the photographer / title. And reduce your literacy factor by 3-4 grades and try it. And we’d have to check the history to make sure the flood story checks out (or was that era’s propaganda drive, given 60,000 billboards advertizing the new deal was made, that’s hella accidental double-whammy).

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I don’t want to “drive like a complete nutter”. Cruise control has proven to be an effective tool to use in restraining those urges. NASA is stating that these development pave the way for detection xcritical scammers of extrasolar life. I imagine that the Vatican has astronomers preparing the papal statement for this event. Given how most people are over the limit you’re really talking up to 130mph.

Reagan seems to have honored the intent of Clause #3 with a letter when he went into the hospital in 1985 to have colon polyps removed, but specifically stated he was NOT invoking the 25th Amendment. Then Vice President George H.W. Bush didn’t find out about Reagan’s letter until after Reagan came out of recovery and had already signed a second letter reclaiming his power. Clause #3 was never formally invoked until George W. Bush’s first term when he transferred power to Dick Cheney as Acting President for a couple of hours while he underwent a colonoscopy in 2002. By your definition, the US is not a capitalist nation, then, as huge sectors such as the military are run jointly with the state, including international sales.

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The day time “news” staff seems to be a bit fed up with the evening “opinion” show hosts. Fox turning on Trump is pretty much right on time. After the two year anniversary of his inauguration, Pence is eligible to run in the next two elections (in the event DJT is removed/dies/quits). That date is concurrent with the cost/benefit of continuing to support him crossing a threshold that even the most obtuse gerrymandered Republican must be starting to worry about. Capitalism will be for the owners of the machines, of course. If you think capitalism is going strong with something like 20% of the world’s population “surplused and useless” (e.g. retirees, the poor, etc.) then why should having a vast majority of humans surplused by robots be any different?

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But what energy expenditure that assumed, and whether that assumed breeder reactors or not, I don’t have a clue. I’m not looking for it to be financially profitable under current market conditions — just energetically viable. That’d be good for powering our current level of demand for millions of years. Grew up in Tavistock and can remember travelling on the steam trains from both Tavistock stations. Talk of reopening the line to Bere Alston started in the mid 70s, there are now houses spreading out along the route so reopening gets more expensive as time goes by. Tin ore bodies carry a lot of arsenic and other toxic metals and they probably smelted a lot of it, thousands or even millions of tonnes over the time it was operational.

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Unfortunately the world-wide economic system is multiplying the negative effects of the Tragedy of the Commons phenomenon. Free trade practically means that the big polluters do not need to pay for the pollution. The tussle between China and the US is likely to flood the Pacific Island nations and Central Asia with development funds. Thanks to this, several countries in the region are developing.

At this point, the Tragedy of the Commons is a pernicious metaphor. To pick one example, there were no commons for water in most of California, leading to the massive depletion of groundwater we currently see (there’s a sideline that similar groundwater depletion helped cause the Syrian Civil War, so this is a serious issue). California is starting to set up commons in each major aquifer so that users can manage their remaining stocks…except that they can’t be called commons, because the only time people have heard of Commons is in the phrase Tragedy of the Commons. But considering the burning of petroleum only in terms of consumption of a finite resource is only to be expected for someone writing in that period. AGW may have been a speculative hypothesis held by one or two people, but there are always one or two people with a speculative hypothesis about something. The knowledge wasn’t suppressed, it just wasn’t there until thousands of scientists internationally got together to generate it.

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Brilliantly mathematicized epicycles, that seem to work in normal times but break down when something bad happens. The cities, especially Rome itself, were dependent on the countryside, not really independent economic entities, unlike modern or even medieval cities. Thus something like half the free population of Rome itself subsisted on state subsidies,”bread and circuses” you know, instead of working for a living. And where did the state get the money for that? From taxing the rest of the Empire of course. Used to buy up the surplus grain production of the huge slave plantations so it could be distributed freely to the urban “proletariat,” a Roman word originally meaning those who didn’t work rather than those who did, to keep them from being unruly.

As for insider contacts, well, she is truly local, as in I know her mum, who has an allotment plot about 10 up from me ….. Somehow I don’t think that qualifies as an industry wank-tank. OTOH, my local MP is going to be out of power, simply because she has no time for the great idiot “leader” Corbyn – S Creasy, of course. In terms of dream candidates, I think Albanese would make a great stay at home dad and Bring Back Carmel! (they’re married, he’s the technically-left-wing headkicker in the federal Labour party, she’s a former deputy state premier).

Far better to have a domestic programme that keeps the money circulating within India than a continual drain paying other countries for services. The occasional research programme helps keep Indian scientists and engineers in India rather than them leaving to find research posts elsewhere. The other problem is what one politician calls “San Diego Specials”, where “obvious solutions to long-running problems die for the lack of vision, leadership and action.” I’ve seen this kind of thing in action numerous times on housing issues. Fortunately, one of the biggest practitioners of this kind of politics did not get re-elected in 2018.

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