A sudden increase in employees working from home has compelled the industry to mend its ways and look at alternatives like online docs for team collaboration. Pick tools that offer excellent service and multiple features for team collaboration. Choosing multiple features will improve your work efficiency and allow people to use them in many different ways. Now as you know the importance of collaboration tools and some common use tools, how do you choose one for your teams? Companies should choose software according to their needs and identify the best service for their team. Hiveris an email collaboration platform that helps teams manage group inboxes like info@, sales@, and support@ right from Gmail. An extremely easy-to-use and intuitive solution, teams use Hiver to streamline their daily email workload, gain visibility into what everyone is doing, collaborate without hassle, and monitor performance.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

Users attend pre-scheduled meetings or set up breakout “rooms” to join others while they work. To rise to such challenges remotely, you need tools that enhance everyone’s workflow and promote your company culture, regardless of where your teams are based. Based on the assumption that a list of free collaboration tools would be beneficial for many organizations, we have compiled a list of such apps. We wanted to help you out in your research process so that you can narrow down the right collaboration tools for your business.

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We all know that Dropbox is a great tool for storing files in the cloud. With a simple account, you can upload files to a shared folder online, allowing you– and anyone else with access to the folder– to view the documents on any device. What is less known, however, is that Dropbox also has a collaborative tool called Dropbox Paper. Zoom is an excellent alternative to Google Hangouts, especially if you want to involve more people than just a small team. It’s an advanced video-conferencing tool with a bunch of useful and even fun features. Just to name a few, Zoom allows participants to virtually raise their hands, record meetings, and conduct polls. It offers excellent video and voice quality and uses your bandwidth sparingly.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

DropBox is helpful for teams that already use other project management tools, as seamlessly integrates with Hive and other platforms. With more than 100,000 teams around the globe, monday.com is another one of our favorite remote collaboration tools. Monday.com is a project management tool that helps organizations to manage projects and tasks and to coordinate workflows. It’s incredibly flexible and can be used across teams, departments, leaders, and organizations – and for all types of projects and processes. Its intuitive design helps everyone in the team to keep an overview of all projects, making it a great tool for remote workers. FreshBooks may be best known as a cloud accounting software for small businesses. But the FreshBooks platform also offers an online collaboration feature that makes it easy for remote teams to manage and partner on projects—making it a great project management tool for remote teams.

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In come Buffer, a team collaboration tool for carefully crafting timed posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Trello is a digital collaboration tool that gives you a visual of all the projects or tasks your team is working on. It also shows you who is working on them and how much they’ve accomplished. The good news is there are plenty of affordable collaboration https://remotemode.net/ tools you can use on any budget. Most start free and offer paid plans for less than one or two cups of coffee per month. With so many project management software options to choose from, it can seem daunting to find the right one for your projects or company. The tool allows team members working remotely to resolve issues and challenges by ideating comprehensively on the software.

There are some useful features like calendar, the ability to upload documents, send notifications by e-mail and other updates. So, if you mainly want to have a good collaboration, your collaboration software needs to be secure and to have the features that will fit your purposes. Is a social media collaboration platform helping marketing teams work faster and better, together. Built with teams in mind, Planable offers marketers a better way to create, plan, review, and schedule content for the most popular social media networks. With real-time collaboration features and four types of approval workflows, Planable can work for teams of any size. InVision is a comprehensive prototyping software and very useful collaboration software for designing user interfaces for mobile applications and digital interactive products.

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Get a group of people together on one call – you can add up to 25 people. Draftium Pro Mockup Tool – you also get access to this premium mockup tool for free for an entire year. Generous free trial – 10GB of fully-featured storage for free forever. Ethical – Champion of user-first policies protecting users’ right to privacy. Secure – All data stored and shared is end-to-end encrypted before ever leaving your device. Confidentiality – carry out private conversations that are not stored anywhere.

free collaboration tools for remote teams

Imagine managing teams from one part of the globe and your designer or writer or developer or marketing team sitting on the other side of the globe. OneDrive supplies users with up to 1TB of storage space for a very affordable rate. The faster issue of invoices – Use automatically generated time sheets to bill your projects faster and more accurately. Flock helps you connect to apps those are not supported by turn to IFTTT or Zapier. Flock gives you read-only channels which allow for certain kinds of organizational information, such as HR rules or updates from a legal department to have a dedicated place in a team messaging app. Put calls in queue – with Nextiva you also get the feature of call queuing that allows you to turn call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail on for all the incoming calls to your business.

Best Project Management Remote Team Collaboration Tools

With Hangout chat you can create chat rooms to quickly chat and share files with team members. The team can communicate by direct messaging and be connected always. Todoist is for you if you are looking for geeking out on the organization of tasks for your remote teams.

If employees frequently schedule meetings with clients, Google Calendar is a great way to track these appointments and provide excellent customer support. The long term success of a remote team depends on choosing the right organizational tools, and those are the ones that remove time and place as obstacles. Office 365 Microsoft’s remote collaboration suite that makes their well-known Word, Excel, and Powerpoint available online.


Unlike Slack, Flock is much faster with short load times and allows users to search through all messages, URL and files with ease. The tool is optimized to find virtually any search query regardless of its source in the channels. Flock users can conduct polls, set reminders, share notes, and assign tasks for maximum productivity. Like Skype, FreeConferenceCall.com is a popular online collaboration tool that allows teams to share files, share screens, video call and discuss tasks. The platform has stable and secure features including team rooms and is easy to use. Skype is an instant messaging and calling app and is one of the popular project collaboration tools. It allows audio and video calls between multiple devices like one on the laptop and the other on phone.

And this will help to run projects faster and an improve communication between employees. You can organize ideas and inspiration, save articles, visual content and go back to your boards anytime.

Team members can tag each other in projects, update task status, share links/files, set task dependencies, and comment on tasks with any questions. They allow project managers to create and assign employee tasks and subtasks to ensure that, even when working remotely, everyone has a clear idea of their responsibilities and deadlines. Before we explore the top small business collaboration tool providers, let’s first cover the standard features you should look for when choosing a solution for your team. Below, we’ll break down the top free team collaboration platforms for small businesses. Get 2 GB of free space to store your documents and images on the world’s no.1 cloud storage app. Carbonfreeconf.com enables complex virtual meetings thanks to tools that help share & guide other researchers through their work. This all-in-one carbon-free tool enables researchers to create conferences, manage attendees, host, & record sessions, among other things.

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Collecting and organizing everything onto a single platform has its risks, though. It’s too easy to mess things up in Slack and important messages to sink in the mass of the message noise. What is excellent about Slack is that you can customize its notifications very precisely, so you can make sure that you get information about messages that are important for you. Remote teams can’t use a big physical board with post-its to plan and track their work. We developed Scrum Mate to provide a powerful collaboration tool with real-time updates for agile organizations and their clients. With Scrum Mate, you can collaboratively manage product backlogs, run Scrum Sprints, or work with a Kanban flow.

It automatically transcribes audio into text saving time for your team members and sharing docs wherever your team is located. Employees can manage their client work on one platform, from invoicing to time tracking. Teamwork provides several tools and reports to maximize resources and improve tasks planning. Favro is one of the best examples of communication tools for asynchronous teams working on different time zones. Thanks to the stopwatch-style timer feature, team members can track activities and real-time updates on their browsers. Microsoft Project is a sophisticated project management platform, including industry-leading features to plan a distributed workflow. The platform is the digital version of a Kanban board and helps teams organize with a visual representation of the project.

Plus, Asana integrates with hundreds of business, productivity, documentation, marketing, and cloud storage apps so that you can gather all the relevant data on a single platform. Overall, it’s an impressive product for brainstorming and idea-sharing for remote teams and online learning professionals. Conceptboard also integrates with Google Drive, Trello, and various others cloud storage and project management apps.

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However, everyone’s needs are likely to be different, so it is highly recommended that you carefully consider your needs and check to make sure that the service offers what you need. Slack’s strong points are that it can integrate with a wide array of services that businesses are probably already using — from Dropbox and Google Drive to Salesforce and Zoom. It’s also popular, used across the world by a wide range of companies, including big names like Lyft and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Google needs no introduction when it comes to search, but there’s a lot more to the company than web searches and the browser. ZDNet’s recommendations are based on many hours of testing, research, and comparison shopping.

A high level of integrations with popular paid and free tools like Salesforce, Slack, Skype, Microsoft Office 365, Google Sheets, Dropbox, and Outlook or Gmail streamlines remote collaboration the office workflow. His blogs and articles have been shared and appreciated by top industry experts including Larry Kim, Founder of Wordstream & Mobile Monkey.

Yammer also makes it easy for businesses to empower better communication and collaboration with their teams across a large scale, with live meetings and events features for up to 10,000 people. So, if you have a large or growing remote team, this platform can be a great option.

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